Penny Pepperell 3Penny Pepperell is a writer and environmental activist who follows science, nature and politics in the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay: kayaker; long distance swimmer; birder and opera lover. She has held many positions in various Georgian Bay based organizations including: president of the Sans Souci and Copperhead Association; member of the boards of directors of both the Georgian Bay Association and Georgian Bay Forever. Most recently she was director of communications for Georgian Bay Forever.

Buffleheads are her favourite ducks.

thebuffleheadBuffleheads are shy ducks who pass through Georgian Bay on their way north in the spring. The males have striking black heads with large white patches that look like giant ear phones. The females are a more subdued grey/brown with what looks like a white smudge of flour across their cheeks as if they’ve been making bread. They nest in holes bored by Northern Flickers, another of Penny’s favourites.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Henry Jahn

    thought provoking ………….timely ………..balanced, but, necessarily, stands taken, pointing the way forward ………….lucid ………… attractive package ………..well done!

    or do I sound like a prat

    no, but really ……….it is well done

  2. Ginny Goldberg

    Terrific idea. I’m too likely to avoid upsetting issues. Would love to stay tuned. Beautiful writing and pictures. Ginny Goldberg

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